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The Leicestershire Communities Fund has provided nearly £2.6 million in grant funding to support the work of a range of charities, community groups and social enterprises, enabling them to continue to deliver vital services, despite the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

During 2020-21, 379 grants have been awarded over 3 rounds of funding, to community-based organisations across the county, as follows:

Round 1:

  • 160 projects awarded funding
  • £1,479,138 awarded in total

Round 2:

  • 60 projects awarded funding
  • £74,029 awarded in total

Round 3:

  • 159 projects awarded funding
  • £1,041,023 awarded in total

The grants have helped people across Leicestershire's communities to access essential support, including food, medication and other provisions, along with support to help promote and maintain positive mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

The Communities Fund has also provided a lifeline for many community sector organisations to manage the financial impacts of the pandemic, by making funding available for staffing costs, equipment and resources, as well as overheads/running costs, which has helped to mitigate the impacts of losses in income experienced by many community sector organisations.

Leicestershire County Council is incredibly proud of what has been achieved through this significant investment, which helps to demonstrate our commitment to supporting voluntary and community sector organisations to continue delivering important services for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our communities.

Leicestershire Communities Fund 2020-21: Details of Grants Awarded

Details of the organisations who were awarded a grant in the 3 rounds of funding can be seen below.

Outcomes and Impact Report - November 2020

Grant Outcomes Report

This form needs to be completed by all organisations who have received funding through the Communities Fund, at the end of the period of funding. If you have any questions regarding completion of this form, please contact your grant monitoring officer, or email:

Please note that the online form cannot be saved part way through. The Word version, available below will enable you to draft your report and share it with others before completing the online form.

Case Studies

Case Study examples of projects who have been successfully awarded funding from the Leicestershire Communities Fund can be seen below.