Oasis Pre School & Retreat

Oasis Pre-School is a not for profit, community preschool for children aged 2 - 5 in Asfordby, Melton, with a specialism around SEN and disabilities. Whilst the nursery has been able to remain open 3 days a week to support families of frontline workers and children classed as vulnerable

With the help of local volunteers, Oasis Pre-School has also taken on the role of running a food donations pickup and delivery service for local people, along with a clothes bank.

The nursery also sends 'Home learning' activities to families through the post, as keeping in-touch with families every week, through social media and on their Facebook page.

Asfordby is an area of deprivation and the pre-school works with many families from disadvantaged backgrounds. The pre-school's role in the community is therefore more than just being a nursery, it provides a focal point for the entire community.

Thu, 28 May 2020