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Welcome to Leicestershire Communities

The Leicestershire Communities website provides information, support and advice to help us work together to create strong, resilient, happy and healthy communities within Leicestershire. This includes residents who live and work in Leicestershire, as well as community and voluntary groups who provide services for people in Leicestershire.

It is a resource which provides a range of useful information to help local people to actively participate in their communities. We have recently refreshed how we work with the communities of Leicestershire which is set out in our Communities Approach.

If you would like to get involved, find out more about our projects and programmes or sign up to our Communities Network, please click on the themes below.

Asset Based

An asset-based approach is one that harnesses the skills, knowledge, connections and potential which already exist within communities. It is a way of thinking and doing that starts with strengths rather than deficits

Communities Network

Connecting Communities provides information and support for Parish Councils, Community Roadshows and members of the Communities Network

Get Involved

Find out more about projects, programmes and community initiatives that you can get involve in or get inspiration for community action in your local area

Grants and Funding

A range of support, information and resources related to Grants and Funding for communities

Information and Support

Information on partnerships, projects and programmes aimed at supporting local communities

Neighbourhood Planning

Support, advice and guidance for Neighbourhood Planning groups in Leicestershire

Town and Parish Councils

Resources and information for and about our work with Town and Parish Councils in Leicestershire


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