What is Engagement, Involvement and Co-Production in Adult Social Care?

Ladder of Engagement

Co-Production - True sharing of responsibility and decision making in the design and delivery of services.

Partnership - True sharing of responsibility and decision making. All know what their roles and responsibilities are.

Listen - Getting people's views on recommendations. Views should be taken into account but people have no final decision power or responsibility.

Inform - Giving people information; so they can make informed choices. This forms the basis of all other activity.

Adapted version of 'A Ladder of Citizen Participation' - Sherry R Arnstein

Different work within Adult Social Care will need different engagement levels. We think it's important to value each level and be open and honest about why each level applies.

Would you like to get involved or work with us to shape Adult Social Care?

Would you like to:

  • give us your thoughts and opinions?
  • influence the way services are designed?
  • develop your skills and networks?

We are looking for people who use social care services, care for someone who does or has a vested interest in the development of social care and support; to work with us in the future.

We value your time, skills and experience.

You can fill in our contact questionnaire, to tell us what you are happy to talk to us about and how you would like to do that.

Adult Social Care Engage

Supporting engagement and Co-Production in Leicestershire for the Adult Social Care department.

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