Leicestershire Equalities Challenge Group

LECG Terms of Reference

The group is an independently chaired partnership of people and organisations, brought together from across the county by Leicestershire County Council (LCC); committed to working together to maximise equality of outcomes in Leicestershire. We aim to be a platform for sharing equalities issues and for providing expert advice and challenge to plans and proposals for service change in order to assist LCC in fulfilling its equalities obligations.


  • To facilitate direct engagement and dialogue between LCC and people and organisations (of and for people) with protected characteristics across Leicestershire.
  • To assist in the assessment of LCC proposals as part of the Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessment process.
  • To provide networking opportunities between these individuals and organisations as well as with LCC.

Co-ordination and Chair

  • The meetings would be co-ordinated by the LCC Chief Executive's Policy Team.
  • The meetings would be chaired by an independent member of the group. They would be called the "Independent Chair" and "Independent Vice Chair", these positions would be elected annually in April by members.
  • There would be a small Executive Group consisting of the chair and vice chair and one or two group representatives and officers from the LCC Policy Team. This group will set the work programme.
  • Observations and recommendations (this are in addition to minutes of the meetings) resulting from meetings will be compiled by the group LECG into documents for approval of the group's members and then circulated for action as per reporting structure below.


  • Representative(s) from organisations and groups representing people with protected characteristics.
  • Previous members of the Leicestershire Equalities Challenge Group.
  • New members of the group (be they organisations or individuals with expertise) may be invited to join subject to joint approval by LCC and the executive group.
  • Other public agencies (such as Police, OPCC, CCGs) may be invited to attend for specific items.
  • LCC officers will attend as required.


Frequency of Meetings

The group would meet bimonthly for the first six months and then review. The meetings would be facilitated on-line whilst Covid restrictions are in place. If organisations wish to attend but don't have digital access, then they can discuss this with the Policy Team who will seek to support access.

Reporting Structure

The group will report to the LCC Cabinet lead for Communities and Equalities, to the Assistant Chief Executive and to the LCC Equalities Board. Reports will be forwarded for action to appropriate Departmental Management Teams, Scrutiny Committees and to Cabinet.

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