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What is an asset based approach?

An asset-based approach is one that harnesses the skills, knowledge, connections and potential which already exist within communities. It is a way of thinking and doing that starts with strengths rather than deficits.

By helping people to look what they have, rather than what they lack an asset based approach can be used as a way of supporting and improving local areas and communities by promoting what is good, working together and bringing out the skills, knowledge and experience at your hand.

A key aspect of any asset based model is to transfer asset based thinking into asset based doing and thereby to maximise, through mutual collaboration, a more effective way to deliver, sustainable, engaging, and meaningful results.

The refreshed and updated Leicestershire County Council Communities Strategy (Our Communities Approach 2022-26) has been informed by work the Communities Team has done with communities, partners and colleagues in embedding learning around implementing these approaches within Leicestershire County Council, with peers and partners and across Leicestershire's communities.

You can read more about this in Our Communities Approach 2022-26 below

An Asset Based Thinking and Doing Toolkit

A step by step guide to asset based thinking and doing.

Some case studies and examples from Leicestershire and around the world.

Further information for those who want to discover more about the approach.

For more information about the work of the Communities Team, asset based approaches or to find out how the team can help facilitate an asset based project in your area please contact us at leicestershirecommunities@leics.gov.uk

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