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Rotary Goat Parlour

North Warwickshire and Hinckley & Bosworth LEADER Grant Recipient Tim Thirlby

Project Type: Energy Efficiency
Grant Awarded: £46,920 Percentage Intervention 40%
Contracted: 2017-2018

The construction of a new building in order to house a new innovative goat rotary milking parlour.

The overall project included the construction of a new building to house a 72-point goat rotary milking parlour with dairy and modern goat handling/segregation system to improve animal welfare and reduce energy intake.

The acquisition aspect of the project included energy saving: variable speed vacuum pumps, heat exchangers, modern plate cooling systems and ice builder milk chillers and the goat handling and segregation system incorporating the Entry identification and Sensormatic monitoring of the goat milk.

Installation of this new technology reduces the incidence of disease spread and improves herd health and longevity.

Project Achievements: The project completed in May 2018 creating 3 Full-time equivalent jobs through the introduction of 2 new farming techniques over the life to the project.

Wed, 19 Apr 2023