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Make Your Mark 2024

Youth Parliament's Make Your Mark ballot is an opportunity for young people aged 11 to 18 to have their say on issues which affect them.

In 2022 434,494 young people cast their vote on the biggest and most challenging issues facing this country, such as mental health support, employment, education and climate change.

  • SO WHAT? We think it's important that young people across Leicestershire get to have their say, since they cannot vote in elections
  • WHEN? Check the web link below. If you are a school, college or other youth provision, you need to register. It takes literally 3 minutes.

Registration officially closed on 25/1/24 - but if you hurry you can still register using the link below!

  • THEN WHAT? Hold a vote any time from now until the 8th March 2024 so young people every where in Leicestershire can have their say on the issues which affect them

UK Youth Parliament Make Your Mark 2024

Make Your Mark Resources

For teachers and youth leaders across Leicestershire - we know how busy you are!!

The planning document below includes resources and links to everything you will need to register, arrange voting, plan a talking session or activity based on hearing the voices of young people, talking about the issues important to them.

Please use this document however you want to help the young people you know or work with use their voice in Make Your Mark 2024

Use the contact form below to tell us what you are doing for Make Your Mark 2024

"Giving 11- 18-year-olds to have their say is important. Thousands cast votes on topics that they feel affected by and it's our responsibility to hear them. We encourage more schools to get involved and allow their students to have this opportunity. We hope future generations will actively take part in politics, and this initiative helps with giving them a reason to form opinions on political matters that involve them."

Councillor Deborah Taylor
Councillor Deborah Taylor (Lead cabinet member for Children and Families, Leicestershire County Council)

Make a difference. Make Your Mark.

This project is powered by the British Youth Council; made possible with support from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport