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SHIRE Community Grant Programme

The SHIRE Community Grants programme for 2023-24 is now CLOSED.

Please note, SHIRE Grants cannot be awarded to individuals. Individuals (or families) who are experiencing issues related to financial hardship/cost of living can find support via the website link below.

For information about other sources of grants and funding for VCSE organisations, please head to the other pages within the Grants and Funding section of this website.

SHIRE Grants Awarded in 2023-24

You can see lists of the SHIRE Grants awarded in this year's SHIRE Grants programme (2023-24) below:

Grant Outcomes Report

When you have used your SHIRE Grant and submitted the evidence of what you spent the grant on, we would appreciate if you could complete the Grant Outcomes Report, to tell us what outcomes you achieved with the funding.

A word version of the Grant Outcomes Report is available below. Feel free to use this template to draft the Report, and then copy and paste the information from the Word template into the Form.

A link to the Grant Outcomes Report online form is also available below.

SHIRE Grants Awarded in Previous Years (2018-2023)

Lists of SHIRE Grant projects funded in previous years can be seen below:

Please note, in 2020-21, the SHIRE Grants programme was paused, and replaced by the Leicestershire Communities Fund 2020-21 (details via the link below).

Leicestershire Communities Fund 2020-21

During 2020-21, the SHIRE Grants programme was paused, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To help address the impacts of the pandemic, Leicestershire County Council established the Leicestershire Communities Fund in April 2020, which provided nearly £2.6 million in grant funding, to support the work of charities, community groups and social enterprises, enabling them to continue to deliver vital services, during the pandemic.

More details can be seen via the link below.

Case Studies

Case Study examples of previously funded SHIRE Grants projects can be seen on the Case Studies Page.

Further Support

You can fund more information about other grants and funding opportunities, along with additional support for your community organisation, on our Grants Homepage.