Age UK Men in Sheds

Age UK Leicestershire& Rutland has developed a "Men and Women in Sheds" facility in Loughborough.

Initially the "Men in Sheds" programme supported 106 older men by providing a place to socialise and exchange skills with other men also experiencing; loneliness, isolation and or poor levels of emotional wellbeing. It also offers respite for those with caring responsibilities. It now also supports 56 older women facing the same issues. Those taking part are called "Shedders" of which there are estimated to be 11,000 nationally.

The shed provides opportunities to learn or exchange skills in; carpentry, pottery, gardening and even model railways. Activities and new initiatives are all led by those attending each day.

The project is supported by a number of volunteers.

Mon, 26 Nov 2018
Men in Sheds
Andy Hayes
Andy Hayes