What is Co-Production in Adult Social Care?

Co-Production - Making Something Together

Bringing people together who care about, work in and use social care. Putting together ideas, knowledge and experience to achieve positive results.

Co-production is a meeting of equals; designing and delivering adult social care and support.

What does Co-Production in Adult Social Care really mean?

It means everyone recognising that:

  • people who use services are often the best people to design them
  • everyone has something to give
  • no one is more important than anyone else
  • everyone has responsibilities
  • we need to get rid of the boundaries between professionals and people who use services

It means the Council:

  • seeing what skills and experiences people have and not seeing people only as 'people who use services'

It will also mean different things to different people. Different levels of time given, skills and experiences shared or responsibilities taken on.

Would you like to get involved?

Would you like to:

  • give us your thoughts and opinions?
  • influence the way services are designed?
  • interview Adult Social Care staff?
  • develop your skills and networks?

We are looking for people who use social care services, care for someone who does or has a vested interest in the development of social care and support; to work with us in the future.

We value your time, skills and experience.

You can fill in our contact questionnaire, to tell us what you are happy to talk to us about and how you would like to do that.

You could also join our Making It Real Group to support the development of co-production within Adult Social Care.

Claire Cluer

Claire Cluer

Co-Production Officer

Leicestershire County Council - Adult Social Care

Supporting engagement and Co-Production for the Adult Social Care department.

0116 305 7896