Task & Finish Groups

The Leicestershire Equalities Challenge Group runs a number of Task & Finish Groups that provide input to specific service change programmes or focus on developing key LECG work areas.

Digital Inclusion

LECG at its meeting on 11th December 2020, flagged up a wish to host a task group to discuss equality implications of digital access. The group met twice using zoom. At the first meeting on 29th January 2021, the Group exchanged views and experiences on a number of issues relating to: 1. Digital access 2. Impact of inequalities 3. Mitigating actions 4. LCC's IT & Digital Strategy in particular fitness for purpose for its audience in 2021 and beyond. At the second meeting on 26th February 2021, the group discussed in more detail the county's broadband coverage and to help inform and address inequality in Leicestershire County Council's future IT & Digital Strategy.

Highways Maintenance Review

A Task & Finish Group met in April 2017 to support Leicestershire County Council officers in the development of a robust Equalities Impact Assessment with regards to future changes in highway maintenance. Focus of the meeting was on the potential impact on older people and people with physical disabilities.

Task group members welcomed the proposed 'risk-based' approach to highway maintenance as being more person centred. This should include prioritising maintenance of pavements near services used by older and disabled people. Members pointed to the importance of the design of the public realm in supporting aims to enable people to live independently in the community. They also urged officers to support activities that lead to behavioural change, i.e. in relation to cars parking on pavements, cyclists using footpaths.

Whole Life Disability Strategy

A Task & Finish Group met in February 2017 to inform the development of this strategy and, in particular, the engagement with service users and practitioners as part of developing the draft Strategy.

Feedback included support for using a 'social model' of disability as the starting point and aiming for a multi-agency strategy. Members also urged LCC to ensure the strategy would include a focus on tackling barriers to employment.

Following the engagement with carers, people with disabilities, partner organisations, voluntary organisations and practitioners during March and April a draft strategy is now being developed, with the view of having a full public consultation between October and November 2017.

Community Life Choices Service

On 24 August 2016 we held a one-off meeting for interested LECG members to comment on the county council's proposals for the Community Life Choices service. You can download the report below.

Countywide Accessibility Policy Review

The Leicestershire Equalities Challenge Group is working with Leicestershire County Council to support the Council in a Countywide Accessibility Policy Review (CAPR) which will inform new policy for 2018 onwards. A range of Council supported public and community transport services are within the scope of this review. We have formed an Equalities Reference Group for this project to work with the Council to try and ensure that any future new accessibility policy is as fair as possible to people facing different challenges in life.

Consultants from ITP and members of LECG meeting to discuss the Countywide Accessibility Policy Review.

Care On Line Review

On 8th June 2018, we held a task group meeting for LECG members to comment on the county council's proposals for the Care On Line Service. You can download the report below.

Early Help Review

Following a presentation by officers at the LECG March 2018 meeting about the consultation on the Early Help proposals, LECG members indicated a wish to have an opportunity to review these proposals from an equalities perspective. Below is their report.

Home to School Transport Policies Review

LECG flagged up its wish to be involved in the review of Home to School Transport Policies, this review being a key transformational policy change with clear potential equalities implications. See below its statement to the Council.

Review of Mental Health Web Pages

LECG was invited by Leicestershire County Council to comment from an equalities perspective on the review of the mental health web pages on the County Council Website. Attached is LECG's report.

Review of Residential Placement Cost Fee

LECG was invited by Leicestershire County Council to be involved in the in the Review of Residential Placement Cost Fee, in particular, to consider the Equalities & Human Rights Impact Assessment (EHRIA) work and to discuss the draft findings from the consultation process. See attached for LECG's report.

Smart Libraries Task Group

LECG was invited by Leicestershire County Council to comment from an equalities perspective on the introduction of Smart Libraries and reductions in staffed opening hours at libraries where Smart technology has been introduced. LECG set up a Task & Finish Group for this purpose on the 13th September 2018. Below is their report.

Service User Finance Pathway Project

Leicestershire County Council were reviewing the way service users are charged for their care service, with a view to making it more streamlined and effective, reducing the number of hand-offs between staff, improving the service to the service user and trying to reduce duplication. LECG was asked assist in the process and attached is the workshop notes.