SHIRE Environment Grant 2020 / 21

Due to the current circumstances in relation to COVID-19 we have delayed the launch of the 2020 / 21 SHIRE environment grant until further notice.

Please check back for updates on when we will release our new funding round dates. In the meantime, the updated guidance and application forms for 2020 / 2021, including our new application form for the small grants fund (up to £300), are linked below should you wish to familiarise yourself with them.

If you have any queries, please contact the SHIRE Environment Grants Team by email: or call 0116 305 7005.

Leicestershire County Council is committed to improving the local environment through waste prevention and reuse to minimise the amount of thrown away, reducing carbon and improving biodiversity. In order to help eligible community based organisations achieve this, the Council is offering up to £3,000 in the form of SHIRE Environment Grants.

We are particularly interested in funding new and innovative projects that will meet one or more of the grant scheme outcomes:

  • To reduce the amount of household waste produced in Leicestershire
  • To reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions within communities
  • To improve biodiversity and support the creation, protection, enhancement and management of sustainable green spaces
  • To raise awareness and understanding on the above outcomes as well as providing necessary training and skills to manage and support projects.

Application Process & Guidance Notes

Before completing the application form, please read the guidance notes below carefully. The guidance notes contain important details about the criteria for funding, along with the Council's process for awarding funds.

If you have any queries about the grant fund criteria or process, or if you would like to request a copy of the guidance notes or application form, please call the SHIRE Environment Grants Team on 0116 305 7005, or email:

Apply for a SHIRE Environment Grant

The application for the SHIRE Environment Grant needs to be completed using one of the application forms below. A simplified application process is available for small grants up to £300

Application Deadlines

Although applications can be received at any time, the SHIRE Environment Grants scheme will operate a series of deadlines and decision meetings. The deadlines for 2020 / 21 are outlined below:

Deadlines for applications

Final decisions to be communicated to applicants by: