Feed The Need Coalville - Volunteering for the project

Feed The Need Coalville is a Voluntary Group who provide food and essential services to vulnerable people. A volunteer who enrolled onto the project has summarised thier experience

I moved to Coalville towards the end March to make a fresh start, as it was close to work. I was unfortunately put in furlough at work and I reached out to a looking for some volunteer work and someone mentioned "Feed the need Coalville" and recommended I contact them to say that I was willing to help. As the country went in to complete lock down, I was asked to deliver food to people who were in vulnerable positions and I was more than happy to go out multiple times a day throughout the weeks to deliver food bags. This gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction, as I was helping people who were in need of support.

When the country started to come out of lockdown Feed the Need were able to offer food bank at Hugglescote Village Hall on a Thursday each week. Tesco in Ashby kindly donate items every Wednesday evening to allow us to provide extra bits for the people and families in need. I will go and pick these up and sort through these the next day at the food bank ready to give to all those who attend. This gives me an enormous sense of well-being, as we are giving people something extra.

Being part of Feed the Need has helped me personally, as I moved to Coalville and didn't know anyone. I have met some very lovely people and it feels great to be part of a great community.

I will continue to do this until I am not able to, due to potential work commitments

Thu, 08 Oct 2020