The Mount Group - Riding for Disabled (RDA)

The Mount Group (RDA) has a mechanical horse called Jet which enables people to see if they are able to ride a horse safely as part of their recovery support.

Jet, (a mechanical horse) was gifted to The Mount Group, and then updated thanks to a very generous donation from Samworth Brothers and Ragdale Hall.

Jet, complete with a virtual reality TV screen, simulates riding on a real horse through a range of environments such as woods and along the beach. It is used for rehabilitation, confidence building and horse skills and provides a safe way to practise, progress and learn before riding a real horse. However, for several people, including those with brain injury, riding on Jet is the only significant exercise they can access.

Jet is an invaluable resource for our clients, especially stroke victims and those who cannot be supported on a real horse.

The SHIRE Community Grant contributed £1000 towards Jet

Mon, 26 Nov 2018
Jet - Mechanical Horse
Andy Hayes
Andy hayes