Forever Savvy

Forever Savvy is a social enterprise which offers skills development and work experience for adults with learning disabilities, using horses, animals and associated aspects of outdoor learning.

Forever Savvy offers vocational training and support for adults with learning disabilities, through the provision of outdoor education centres and a café setting, with the aim of helping people to take their first steps towards employment. Forever Savvy's community projects enable people to work with animals, on the land, or within the organisation's own Tea & Coffee Shop. Within these environments, Forever Savvy provides people with the opportunity to learn new life and work skills, and to achieve a healthy emotional and physical balance in their lives.

Forever Savvy is set up as a social enterprise, and generates income via adults with learning disabilities using their personal budgets to access/attend the different provisions offered by the organisation, including Horse Savvy, K9 Savvy and Café Savvy.

The organisation has achieved some great success with supporting their service users to transition into paid employment.

For more information about the work done by Forever Savvy, visit their website or Facebook pages:

Horse Savvy

K9 Savvy

Café Savvy

Tue, 02 Oct 2018