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Community Volunteering Action (COVA)

The COVA project is currently running in four streets in Barwell with the aim of supporting local residents to bring forward their own ideas and suggestions for improving their community.

Thringstone Community Centre

Transferring a community asset from Leicestershire County Council to local ownership and control

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Chill Out Youth Project

Harborough District Chidren's & Young People's Charity (HCYC) have worked together with local Parish Councils to develop a local young people's activity club in their Parish.

Measham Community Emergency Store

Working with the County Council's support, Measham have prepared their own Community Response Plan and created an Emergency Store, enabling them to be prepared for any severe weather or other emergency that might come their way.

Walking Football

The Walking Football club provides GPs with a non-medical referral option that can operate alongside existing medical treatments to improve health and well-being.

As well as being able to increase fitness levels, participants emotional health gets a boost as by turning out for regular games, service users meet new people, lifting their mood. They are encouraged to meet weekly exercise goals. One game of walking football is designed to last for an hour and the rules are identical to five-a-side football but with one major exception - if you run, you get a free kick.

Birstall Youth Cafe

Birstall Parish Council funding and hosting a wide range of activities for children and young people within Birstall and the surrounding area.

Coalville Crafters

Initially started as part of a Community Capacity Building project, Coalville Crafters now meet on a fortnightly basis as part of a previously existing coffee morning group. They celebrate crafts and creative activities by sharing their draft skills with others. Members are also encouraged to lead sessions to teach others new craft skills.