Youth Parliament Elections 2020


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I would like to tackle the problem of poor mental health and physical health in young people. A 2018 study showed that 28% of children aged 2 – 15 are obese in the UK. Another study found that 77% of children aren't doing enough exercise. The benefits of doing exercise goes beyond physical health, with exercise especially in team sports building up leadership qualities, teamwork skills, character and resilience as well as friendships along the way. I would like the promotion of sports teams within schools to be increased, along with clubs and youth centres outside schools to promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. I would also like to try and improve the mental health of young people. 20% of adolescents could experience a mental health issue in any year according to the mental health foundation. PISA tables show that UK students are unhappy, only 53% of UK students are satisfied with their lives. The endless cycle of assessments in schools plays a big part in this. Students need to be taught stress management techniques as part of PHSE lessons from an early age as students are under pressure in Y6 due to the SATs. In 11 – 18 schools sixth form students should be trained as counsellors to support younger students and advise them on how to manage stress. In addition, an expansion of youth clubs as they are safe place for young people to socialise with each other and talk about their problems with trained volunteers.


Hello, my name is Michal, and I would like to run for the position of your local MYP.

I've had experience in being a part of a bigger organisation that operates in order to serve youth, whilst being part of the school council for several cadencies. During my time in the council, I have participated in many debates, summits and conferences, including the 2018 Youth Crime summit with the Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach and the 2019 Leicester Youth Conference, and plan on going to many more. I was also on the youth interviewing board for the new member of Senior Leadership Team staff for our school, where we made a recommendation to the school.

My Agenda:

Objective 1 – Persuade the local youth to voice their problems and address them with great care.

Objective 2 – Support any attempt on creating a 16+ vote.

Objective 3 – Represent all of the local youth equally and fairly, with no basis.

Objective 4 – Attempt to persuade the MYPs and MPs to support green, ecological and economic ways that we can progress to make the UK Carbon Net Zero.

Thank you for reading my manifesto.


As a member of my school council, with three years of experience already in the youth council for Leicestershire, and a year spent as a deputy youth member of parliament, I would be honoured to represent you and, more importantly, raise the issues important to you. I have advocated on everything from local issues such as overpriced public transport, to national issues such as the misrepresentation of minorities, and international issues such as the climate crisis.

Most recently I have met with Members of Parliament, both local & county councillors to discuss action against the scourge of knife crime.

I believe we all deserve equal rights and equal representation and will work tirelessly to secure that. I believe passionately that it is our generation who need to lead the way if we are to save this planet; and the worst thing we can do is nothing.

If elected to the youth parliament, I will endeavour to represent and advocate for everyone, thus ensuring that your vote and your voice is heard. Thank you.


My name is Stanley and I'm hoping to become your member of your Youth Parliament. I have always wanted to make a REAL change. I have seen the damage government has done to our public services. This government has literally killed people because of its actions against everyday hard-working people. I will campaign for: 1. More money for public services, so police can stop crime and our health service can save lives. 2. The legalisation of marijuana (weed) to wipe gang violence of the streets, putting dangerous gangs out of business and 3. Make your schools start later, easily giving your life more freedom and boosting your grades. If you vote for me I will definitely fight for these 3 causes.


I would like to run for MYP and want to make a difference for the current youth who I personally believe are constantly ignored because of our age. I believe that the youth have a lot more to say on how they feel and are governed and are not given the chance to say how they feel about what other people think is best for them, although it is not always the right decision. I think I would do a great job I am assigned to do and will meet the standards required to make a good MYP, the reason for this is being that I myself am a youth and I understand the needs of the youth and understand the actions to be taken into making a better place for young people to learn and achieve. It will be my aim to ensure every pupil's voice is heard and taken to understanding.

However, to achieve this I would need to have your votes if you vote for me you are voting for an MYP who is dedicated, focused and committed to improving the lives of all pupils.


Being Chair of Leicester's Youth Council enabled me to become a successful voice for young people locally and nationally for the last 2 years. My activism and campaigning even led me to recently winning Leicestershire's Young Person of the Year. I am also currently a Food Ambassador to the UK Parliament and work on multiple national campaigns to end child poverty.

We, young people, aren't just the leaders of tomorrow but are the energy behind powerful movements to change the world today. That is why I helped initiate and was the Chair of the UK's first Youth Mental Health Inquiry with a process that included hearing the voices of over 2000 young people while also running campaigns on hate crime and teen homelessness.

As a Food Ambassador, I spoke in Westminster to highlight the growing problem of Child Poverty nationwide to an audience of over 150 MPs and launched the Children's Future Food Inquiry and delivered my report to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. This helped to support the Food Insecurity Bill which was passed recently.

A goal of mine is to host a Climate Change Conference in the county to bring all the youth groups, schools and council services together to establish a way we can hear young people's voices.

Secondly, as I have been a national advocate for Child Poverty and Mental Health, I would campaign for the Improvement of Current Mental Health Services and for more education and support in both areas.

I would make an excellent candidate as I have lots of experience and have proved that I am dependable as a person that will voice the concerns of and represent each of your ideas and concerns.


Hello everyone, my name is Harry. The things that I would like to see a change in, in Leicester is knife crime, mental health, fitness and sports and to upgrade public services. And in Leicestershire, the public services e.g. parks are not up to date and need upgrading. and a lot more things need modernising in public services in Leicestershire.

One thing that i will be doing if I get elected is working closely with the Leicester Royal Infirmary teenage cancer ward to offer full support for the horrible journey teenagers face with cancer and bring light to their time facing there journey.



Climate change is the biggest issue today and as young people we will be the most affected by it. It will define our major issues such as education, our careers and even our national security.

I want to create a sustainable world for us and future generations, one free of climate change and problems like pollution and plastic waste. Young people are taking action, and demand change. With all the attention on current affairs like Brexit, the climate emergency has been forgotten. As your Leicestershire MYP I would strive to:

  • Cut waste from our local councils, schools and services.
  • Investigate using only renewable energy across council buildings and installing more solar panels.
  • Promote the take – up of electric and hybrid vehicles in Leicestershire to cut harmful gases we breathe in everyday. Air pollution is the biggest environment threat to national health, at least 28,000 deaths a year are due to long term exposure.
  • Protect our precious green spaces by pushing the redevelopment of brownfield sites for building and to keep Leicestershire beautiful.
  • Urge the Government to reverse the decline in numbers of garden birds, bees, hedgehogs and other threatened animals. 15 percent of species – nearly 1,200 – are at risk of extinction mainly due to intensive farming and climate change.


Please note that in order to be able to vote you will need to have registered on this website. To register simply click on the 'Register' option located in the top right-hand corner of this website and following the instructions.