Community Volunteering Initiatives

Volunteering is also a good way for people to get involved within their local communities. There are a number of ways that people can take part in community life and support those who perhaps would like to get more involved but face limitations/challenges for example people with disabilities, older people people with or without health concerns, young people.

How much does it cost to get volunteers involved in the community?

Volunteers offer their time, skills and expertise for free for specified amounts of time and specified tasks. Therefore they provide much appreciated extra resource to an organisation, however are not to be used to take the place of paid employment.

They are a number of things to consider when recruiting volunteers such as:

  • DBS Checks (if their volunteer activities include working with vulnerable people in the community)
  • Travel expenses for volunteers (If travel is required how will they be re-imbursed)
  • Insurance cover (The organisation's insurance cover will need to cover volunteer activities)
  • Training costs (will the volunteer activities require initial training)

Different communities have different initiatives in which they require volunteers for. Below are a few cases studies to showcase how some communities have involved volunteers in helping to improve their local community and the value of community volunteering.

Who can help?

Voluntary Action Leicestershire is a charity that gets people into volunteering, helps community groups and organisations thrive and provide essential services.

For more information about the services they offer please visit:

Tel: 0116 257 5050

Voluntary Action LeicesterShire
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