SideLey Park - Kegworth

Kegworth Parish Council actively works with a number of volunteers within the community to delivery local projects. One of these is supporting the maintenance of SideLey Park.

Kegworth Parish Council works with several very active and motivated community groups. The community groups are responsible for various community events in the parish such as fun days, festivals, markets, and other community volunteer activities.

Through the work undertaken in the village it is evident that the Parish Council and local community volunteers are very motivated to improve the local community and keen to work closely with Leicestershire County Council. In 2016 Kegworth Parish Council undertook a community consultation to get the communities view and to recruit volunteers to support the maintenance of SideLey Park.

Using feedback from the community engagement activities the Parish Council have successfully completed a £74K regeneration project to SideLey Park and therefore feels it has the experience and confidence to take on additional projects in the future.


Whilst the Parish Council sees the value of openness and communicating with local residents, there has been some learning on how to positively acknowledge the concerns of local residents, and how to engage those who are reluctant to get involved and support the initiatives that were put forward.

Good community engagement is also explored within this toolkit

For more information about Kegworth Parish Council's work on SideLey park contact:

Kegworth Parish Clerk: Vicky Row tel: 01509 670204 or e-mail

Mon, 25 Feb 2019