20 Minute Neighbourhoods

Posted: Thu, 13 May 2021 09:19

The idea behind a '20 minute neighbourhood' is that most people's daily needs can be met within a short walk or cycle from where they live. The benefits of this approach are multiple: improvements in mental and physical health; reduction in traffic and the benefits this brings such as improved air quality; local shops and businesses thrive; and people see more of their neighbours, strengthening the sense of community.

Melbourne and Paris are already involved in creating these communities and it is gaining momentum throughout the world. Interest in the UK has grown as the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns put a spotlight on the importance of the liveability of neighbourhoods, with people spending more time locally, working at home, using public green space, cycling and walking instead of using cars and connecting with their neighbours.

The Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) have produced a guide for Local Planning Authorities which can be downloaded from the TCPA Website

In October 2020 TCPA hosted a webinar event on 20 minute Neighbourhoods. The event recording and accompany videos can also be viewed on TCPA website

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