Have you say on the Examination Process

Posted: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 08:17

The Government consultation 'Fixing our Broken Housing Market' is open for comment until 11:45pm on 2nd May 2017. They are particularly interested in finding out people's experience of the Examination process:-

What sort of advice and support did you receive just before submission of your neighbourhood plan or order to the local planning authority and what additional support would be helpful?

What information was available to you and others in the very early stages of the examination process and what would you find most useful?

What information or support is available to neighbourhood planning groups and others on when oral hearings might be appropriate? Are there additional or alternative ways that an examiner could explore issues or seek further information?

Should the examination process better involve neighbourhood planning groups in decisions where modifications to a neighbourhood plan are being recommended?

Comments can be submitted on-line via the following link:


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