Early consultation

Stakeholder consultation

Planit-X Town and Country Planning Services organised and facilitated a consultation workshop of key local stakeholders on behalf of the Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Plan Joint Working Board. Stakeholders, including statutory consultation bodies, local businesses, community organisations and landowners were invited to the event which was held on 30 May 2012. Around 50 people attended.

A report of the Stakeholder Event cab be downloaded below.

Primary schools

As the timescale for the implementation of policies in the Neighbourhood Plan will impact more on youngsters than any other age group it was considered very important that they felt part of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

The aim was to engage and consult with pupils of local primary schools. The headteachers of all the primary schools in the Neighbourhood Area were contacted and consultation sessions were arranged at Huncote, Sapcote, Sharnford and Thurlaston Primary Schools in the autumn of 2012. These sessions were delivered by qualified planners, parish council representatives alongside school teachers.

Interim Housing Provision Policy Statement

To help guide the level of housing to be provided in each of the Fosse Villages, a Draft Interim Policy Statement was prepared for consultation in July 2013.

The representations were reported to the Fosse Villages Neighbourhood Development Plan Joint Working Board at its 1 October 2013 meeting and were used to inform the finalised Interim Housing Provision Policy Statement.

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