Climate Emergency & Climate Change

Climate Emergency

Back in May 2019, Leicestershire County Council declared a Climate Emergency. The Authority aims to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Here are some resources you may find helpful around declaring a climate emergency:-

Climate Change

There are many opportunities to improve the environment and make wildlife more resilient to climate change. You can make a start by looking at things that you already invest time and money in and see if you can tweak any of these for the benefit of Biodiversity.

This could be by planting bee/hover-fly friendly plant species in your garden, street planters or handing baskets; to making and erecting bat and bird boxes or bug hotels and wildlife gardening. These types of projects can also involve the support of local interest groups such as scouts, WI or schools.

Your local Parish/Town Council can get involved, if they have a tree warden perhaps they can get involved with wider Biodiversity creation or protection work. They can encourage more community involvement in creating and managing habitats, apply for grants towards Biodiversity enhancements etc.

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