LECG Terms of Reference

The purpose of LECG is to support Leicestershire County Council* to comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty by:

a) Ensuring that the views of diverse communities in Leicestershire are represented in the delivery and any revision of services.

b) Scrutinising policy development and supporting Leicestershire County Council to be inclusive in both practice and procedure through the review of Equality Impact Assessments and challenging Leicestershire County Council as a 'critical friend'.

c) Helping Leicestershire County Council to make sure that the needs of all groups and individuals in Leicestershire are met as far as possible, with views being taken into account to contribute towards improved access to health and social care services.

d) Promoting the importance of equality, diversity, community cohesion and human rights across Leicestershire by supporting people from diverse communities to get involved in LECG.

e) Supporting and helping to improve the way Leicestershire County Council communicates with the diverse communities of Leicestershire, by encouraging and supporting LECG representatives to take information about County Council changes and consultations back to their own communities and networks.

f) Providing a place where policy makers and service commissioners can consult, speak with and understand the views of representatives of diverse communities in Leicestershire, with a view to using the information to inform decisions about service change and service delivery.

*Where applicable Leicestershire County Council includes those who deliver services on its behalf.