All Age Transformation Consultation Programme

Posted: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 10:43

The Programme

We recognise that mental health and learning disabilities services delivered by our Trust can be greatly improved. We have committed to a 5-year transformation programme to design and make improvements. It is essential we do this hand in hand with our service users, carers and partners. We are absolutely committed to co-designing our new services with people who use the services, individuals who work in the services, organisations that interact with services and people that want to see the services improved. It will be the biggest transformation journey we have ever been on...


Our transformation programme will address increasing demand and capacity issues to improve quality, efficiency and overall experience for all. We are committed to bringing our service users and staff along with us on that journey to design excellent services.

Dr Peter Miller, chief executive of LPT has introduced the transformation as: "the mental health and learning disabilities system as a whole is fractured. [There are] significant pressures - large caseloads, many people still waiting a long time for support and the system not always making it easy for people to get the support when they need it. We need to do something radically different if we are to work as a system and mend the fractures. With your insightful involvement, I believe we can redesign our system to work well for all."

The journey so far

Our journey has been inspired by the learning of Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust as they transformed to become an 'outstanding' rated Trust. By adapting their methodology to suit our local area, we are embarking on our own 5-year journey in partnership with staff, service users, carers and stakeholders to create radical difference in the way we support people who need mental health and learning disability services.

We began that journey with partners across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland with the Healthier In Mind engagement campaign. We are now embarking upon our very own 'All- age transformation'.

Stage one of the programme has been running over the last few months. We have engaged many people through numerous events and meetings, on what they consider excellent services would look like. These have formed a set of principles that set out what we need to deliver through the transformation changes.

Get involved in Stage Two of the programme

Feed-in Online

Please continue to get involved in helping us to shape how future mental health and learning disabilities services could be delivered. Stage Two of the programme is about designing more specifically a 'high level pathway' for how patients gain access to services, identify their needs (assessment), get the help and treatment they need and move on from services well (discharge). These different common stages of a patient's journey will be designed through four week long workshops (where patients, carers, staff and stakeholders are working together) supported by 'feed-in' events across the region.

For more information on the All Age Transformation Programme and to find out more about feeding in online visit the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust website or contact Rob Melling, Head of Community Development, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Tel 07769 7412618 or email

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