SHIRE Community Grants
Application Form (2018-19)

Before completing this Application Form, please read the Guidance Notes for Applicants thoroughly, to ensure your project proposal meet the eligibility criteria.

Please ensure you contact the Grants Officers on (0116) 305 7269 / 3057020, or email: to discuss your project before submitting your application.

Template for Drafting your Application

Before submitting your application, we recommended that you save the text for your application in a separate Word document as a copy for your records.

Please note that the online form cannot be saved part way through. The Word version will enable you to draft your application and share it with others before completing the online form.

Please note that the Word template is for the purposes of drafting the application, for your own use only.

All applications need to be submitted using the online Application Form below (unless otherwise agreed and discussed with the Grants Officers).

After submitting your application, you will see a message on your screen, with your application reference number, confirming that your application has been submitted successfully.

Please call 0116 305 7269 if this screen does not appear, as it may mean your application was not submitted successfully.

If you have any difficulties completing the online application form, please contact the Grant Officers on (0116) 305 7269 or 305 7020, or email:

Data Protection

Before submitting this application form, you will need to agree to the information contained in the attached document.

Please ensure you have read the document before selecting 'I agree' to Declaration 1 at the end of the Application Form.

Failure to agree to this statement will result in your application not being processed.

* Required Field


Please complete the name of the group/organisation that is applying for the funds (Note: Payments can only be made to community groups or organisations which have bank accounts which require the signatures of at least two people who are not related.)

Please give the name and contact details of the person to be contacted in relation to the application. This is the person we will direct all correspondence to for the project. Any personal data will not be made available on-line.

Please give a short description (in no more than 100 words) about what your organisation does

Include any relevant information regarding your organisation’s track record and experience.

You do not need to send us a copy of your constitution, but we may ask to see a copy at a later stage in the process. Please note non-constituted groups can apply for funding but would need to be constituted before funding could be awarded.

Please confirm that your group or organisation has a bank account with two unrelated and not co-habiting signatories.

NB VAT payments that can be reclaimed cannot be grant aided, so any subsequent grant offer will be based on the value of your project net of VAT


Please provide the name you have given to this project. We will refer to the project name throughout the application process, including in any correspondence.

You can either apply for a Small Grant (up to £3,000) or a Large Grant (over £3,000, maximum of £10,000).

Example: "We are requesting £3,000 funding to run a series of self-help sessions for people with mental health problems".

Please give a more detailed description of the proposed project/activity and how it meets the aims of the grant fund as outlined in the grant criteria. Please limit your response to no more than 500 words.

SHIRE Community Grants can only be used to support new activities. What evidence do you have that the project is needed? Please focus your response on improving the lives of vulnerable/disadvantaged people who are residents of Leicestershire. This could include evidence of demand for the service, local consultation (for example surveys, questionnaires etc.), letters of support, local plans, research/statistical information, etc. Have your service users/client group or local community been involved or consulted in developing the project? If so, it would be helpful to see evidence of this. Please limit your response to no more than 500 words.

Provide details of any other organisations or agencies you will be working in partnership with to deliver your project. For example, this could include organisations or agencies who you expect to refer participants to your project.


Refer to Page 3 of the Guidance Notes for examples of outcomes. Please limit your response to no more than 500 words.

Below are some examples of outcomes: (1) A project which provides support to older people with dementia, to help them live in the community and reduce or delay the need for residential or nursing care. (2) A project which supports people with mental health problems, helping them to manage their mental health and wellbeing more effectively, thus reducing the need for hospitalisation or frequent visits to the GP. (3) A project which works with young people who are involved in anti-social behaviour and are at risk of being excluded from school. The project provides positive opportunities and development of skills which will prevent the young people from getting involved in crime and more likely to continue with their education or help them to find training or employment.

Please explain what you will do next as a result of this project. How will you ensure the project or activity is sustainable beyond the period funded by the SHIRE Community Grant? What will happen once the project is completed? What will be the legacy of the project? Is this just a one off project and if so, what is the exit strategy?


Please give the approximate planned start date of the project.

Please indicate the anticipated completion date of the project, if appropriate. Please note all funding for successful projects must be spent within 12 months of the grant being awarded.


Please provide details of any relevant legal and liability aspects of the project, such as: planning permissions, land owner consent, child protection (DBS checks), insurance etc. and what provisions are already in place? We do not expect you to have all necessary permissions in place at the time of applying, but this will be required before funding can be awarded.


Please give a breakdown of the total costs for delivering your overall project, including costs which will be funded through other sources of income. This may include: staffing costs, equipment and other resources, room hire, travel costs, specialist support/advice, capital costs, e.g. building/renovation work.

Please provide details of the amount of funding you are requesting to deliver your project, specifically from the SHIRE Community Grant. Also provide details about which elements of your total budget/costs (from your response to Q18) this funding will contribute to.

Please provide details of any funding that you have already secured towards this project, including the amount and the source of these funds (Grant Name, Funding Organisation)

Please detail any other potential funding sources that you may be accessing to deliver the project. Have other sources of funding been applied for? How much has been applied for and when?

This might include the number of volunteers involved, the work they will undertake and estimated hours, along with any other in-kind support you have secured (e.g. free professional time/support)