The Friendly Bench - Newbold Verdon

A new Friendly Bench has been installed in the village of Newbold Verdon

The Friendly Bench™ CIC has partnered with Newbold Verdon Parish Council and Leicestershire County Council to bring the purposefully designed bench/community garden to Dragon Lane Recreation Ground in Newbold Verdon.

The aim of The Friendly Bench™ initiative is to provide a safe, accessible and welcoming space in local communities, to help connect the elderly, socially isolated and those with restricted mobility to each other, to places and with nature.

By creating a welcoming, inclusive, accessible and well-located place to meet, chat, rest and enjoy the benefits of being outside, or by joining in with one of the regularly organised activities, The Friendly Bench™ will be a hub for everyone to connect. The Friendly Bench™ will help improve people's physical and mental wellbeing, it will also help strengthen community ties and encourage connections across the generations and with the wider community.

The Friendly Bench™ in Newbold Verdon has been supported by a SHIRE Community Grant, along with additional support from Newbold Verdon Parish Council.

More information about The Friendly Bench™ is available here.

Tue, 13 Aug 2019