The Melton Learning Hub

The Melton Learning Hub is an alternative education provider for young individuals in Leicestershire. It formed as a charity in 2012 to tackle the increasing levels of anti-social behaviour in Melton.

The Learning Hub has been tremendously successful over the past few years, with the rate of truancy and disruptive behaviours decreasing by 85%. It operates on three different sites:

The Learning Hub:

The Learning Hub offers various educational opportunities ranging from beautician to construction & plumbing courses. Through Craft students have the opportunity to try various aspects and then specialise in one to gain a qualification. Courses are also offered in animal husbandry, horticulture as well as English and Maths. The alternative courses that The Learning Hub provides develops social skills as well as practical skills, and in turn increases the likelihood of young individuals gaining employment.

The Country Park Café:

The Country Park Café is a space of relaxation and leisure for the young individuals as well as others, in fact the young individuals actually work at the café learning several catering and employability skills. The café also holds two fetes a year, which often include bouncy castles, various team games, stalls, BBQ's and a football tournament for several families to enjoy.

The Venue:

The Venue is one of the newest sites and hosts various catering, sport and physical activities as well as being a space of leisure and social interaction. The Venue offers a free hot meal every Friday and hosts various youth clubs and homework clubs throughout the week, these sessions are typically ran by volunteers.

The Melton Learning Hub offers an alternative education to ensure every young individual has an opportunity to succeed, and that those who do not cope well with mainstream education are also catered for. The Hub has recently expanded its available courses to include plumbing, plastering and decorating skills as part of the Craft qualification. The SHIRE Grant has enabled the purchase of tools and equipment for the learners to develop these new skills.

Thu, 22 Feb 2018
The Melton Learning Hub
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