Oakthorpe Primary School

Oakthorpe Primary School in North West Leicestershire developed a partnership with 3 other local primary schools (Albert Village, Viscount Beaumont and Swannington CofE) and Worth It Projects – a social enterprise that specialises in coaching / positive psychology with young people (including those with mental health issues).

The aim of this project was to support and promote the development of positive mental/emotional health and wellbeing in primary school children and their families.

The project involved the schools purchasing a package of support/training from Worth It Projects, to enable the schools' staff to utilise, apply and embed skills and strategies to improve the emotional wellbeing of vulnerable children and their families. The aim of the project was to implement targeted interventions, as well as embedding a school culture that develops and promotes mental health and wellbeing, to ultimately prevent the onset of more severe mental health problems in the rural localities of North West Leicestershire.

One of the outcomes of the project was the development of a toolkit for schools, which included case studies and examples of proven strategies that support schools and local communities to develop emotional wellbeing of children and families.

In June 2017, a celebration day was held to showcase the positive work undertaken by the schools. The event was attended by students from the 4 schools involved, along with parents and other organisations who were involved in delivering projects as part of the overall programme of activity.

Tue, 03 Oct 2017