SHIRE Community Grants 2021-22
Application Form

Before completing this Application Form, please read the Guidance Notes for Applicants thoroughly, to ensure your application for funding meets the eligibility criteria.

We would also encourage you to contact the Grants Officers on (0116) 305 7269 / 3057020, or email: to discuss your funding proposal before submitting your application.

Template for Drafting your Application

Before submitting your application, we recommend that you save the text for your application in a separate Word document as a copy for your records.

A copy of the Word Template of the Application Form is available below.

Please note that the online form cannot be saved part way through. The Word version will enable you to draft your application and share it with others before completing the online form.

Please note that the Word template is for the purposes of drafting the application, for your own use only.

All applications need to be submitted using the online Application Form below (unless otherwise agreed and discussed with the Grants Officers).

Data Protection

Before submitting this application form, you will need to agree to the information contained in the Data Protection Declaration document below.

Please ensure you have read the document before selecting 'I agree' to the Declaration at the end of the Application Form.

Failure to agree to this statement will result in your application not being processed.

Submitting your Application

After submitting your application, you will see a message on your screen, with your application reference number, confirming that your application has been submitted successfully.

Please call 0116 305 7269 if this screen does not appear, as it may mean your application was not submitted successfully.

If you have any difficulties completing the online application form, please contact the Grant Officers on (0116) 305 7269 or 305 7020, or email:

SHIRE Community Grant 2021-22 Application Form

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Please note, VAT payments that can be reclaimed by your organisation cannot be grant funded. Therefore, any SHIRE Grant award made will be based on the value of your project excluding VAT.

Brief summary of the services/activities normally delivered by your organisation, including the types of service users you support. Include any relevant information regarding your organisation’s track record and experience.


Please note, if you wish to apply for a Partnership Grant, please complete the Partnership Grant Application Form

For example: "We are requesting £5,000 funding for staffing costs, to deliver a series of self-help sessions for people with mental health problems".

Please note, we can only award funding to organisations who are able to provide services for vulnerable and disadvantaged people who are residents of Leicestershire County.


If the overall/total number of beneficiaries are not yet known, please provide an estimated number


Include any details of other sources of funding or income generation which you are currently exploring or considering

19. Additional Documentation

If you have any additional documentation to support your application, please forward this via email to


For example Manager, Chief Executive, Director, or Trustee, etc