Enabling Social Action Programme

The Enabling Social Action (ESA) programme is a partnership between the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Universities of Sheffield and Hull.

The programme involves collaborating with local authorities to support them to design and deliver services with local people, service users, and civil society organisations.

More information about the programme can be seen at the Enabling Social Action webpages.

As part of the ESA programme, a Regional Champion Network has been established with champions from local authorities in the North, East, South and West.

A regional event for the East region was held in March 2020, jointly hosted by Leicestershire County Council and Voluntary Action Leicestershire.

The event included the following:

  • an introduction to the Enabling Social Action programme from Dr Jon Burchell (University of Sheffield)
  • presentations from Hathern Community Library and Melton Vineyard, both of which are particularly inspiring Leicestershire based examples of social action, which are making a positive difference in local communities
  • workshops around the themes of Asset Based Social Action and the differences between Consultation and Co-production.

The event was attended by over 50 delegates, who were able to explore the challenges and opportunities of social action, share their own journeys and learning with others, as well as share ideas for improving collaboration around building social action in the future

The presentation slides and write-up notes from the Asset Based Social Action workshops are below.

Photos from the ESA Event in Leicester, March 2020

Welcome to the ESA Event in Leicester

(L to R) George Ballentyne (Leicester City Council), Sarah Carter (Leicestershire County Council), Donna Rist (Leicestershire County Council), Deana Wildgoose (THINKFC CIC) & Ian Wilson (CASE)

Delegates at the Enabling Social Action Event, Leicester, March 2020

Dr Jenny McNeil, University of Sheffield

Kristy Ball (Communities Team Leader, Leicestershire County Council) opening the event

Dr Jon Burchell (University of Sheffield) providing the national perspective around the Enabling Social Action programme.

Bill Leivers and Gill Rockett from Hathern Community Library telling delegates how the local community came together four years ago to take over the running of a local library.

Dr Neal Swettenham, Senior Pastor from Melton Vineyard sharing his inspiring story of how a local church established a multi-purpose community facility for local people in Melton.

Sarah Carter and Donna Rist (Communities Business Partners, Leicestershire County Council) delivering a workshop on Asset Based Social Action.

An exercise to demonstrate our individual assets and the connections between us!

Helen Oparinde from Voluntary Action Leicestershire facilitating a workshop around the key differences between consultation and co-production.

Delegates at the Enabling Social Action event sharing their thoughts and views in the final plenary session.