Community Response Plans

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Is your community prepared for an emergency?

Aware and Prepared is all about being ready for emergencies and prepared to take action - a Community Response Plan can help. These are not designed to replace the role of the Emergency Services but are intended to provide support for those who need it when normal services are disrupted.

Your Plan can:-

  • Bring together a Community Response Team
  • Identify local risks
  • Identify useful resources and places of safety
  • Guide initial response actions
  • Assist with identifying those who need help
  • Help to reduce impact and aid the recovery process

Support with developing a Community Response Plan

Support is available to help you create a Community Response Plan. The Local Resilience Forum website contains a handy toolkit which can guide you through the process.

The toolkit is available via the LLR Prepared website.

You can also request guidance and support throughout the process of creating and testing your plan.

If you would like further information, please contact the Resilience Partnership Team on 0116 305 6101, or email