Community-led Initiatives

This session highlighted a number of community-led initiatives that take place in Leicestershire, organised and delivered by volunteers. The purpose of such initiatives or projects are to improve the lives of people whether that is around being safer, healthier, or generally happier. The common thread of community-led initiatives is that they connect like-minded people whose primary goal is to support each other by taking control to transform people's lives. Often such schemes are run by volunteers and supported by organisations such as Leicestershire County Council, The Police, and the Rural Community Council.

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Harnessing the strengths and potential in your community

This session explored how to identify, support and grow the potential and assets within communities. It identified different types of asset (people, places, skill etc.) and different types of communities (geographical, interest, faith etc.) We looked at how to gather this information and use it to effectively support communities to achieve their aspirations through asset based approaches rather than deficit approaches. This means a shift from 'fixing' negatives, to building on positives.

We completed an 'asset tree' which explored the assets available, the support Leicestershire County Council needs to provide to develop these and the ways communities and organisation need to communicate and be connected to make change happen.

Below are the slides from the session and the asset tree we produced.

How can we help you to access information and support?

This session outlined some of the channels of communication the Council has relating to information, advice and guidance, and explored opportunities to work with communities to make this more fit for purpose in the future.

Discussions highlighted a wide range of opportunities within local communities, particularly around making the most of 'assets'. Examples included supporting neighbours with short term needs with accessible wash facilities, and sharing specific knowledge/skills such as grant applications/accountancy.

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