Community Buildings - Guidance during Covid-19

Leicestershire County Council has produced a set of guidance around the re-opening and usage of community buildings, venues and centres, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This guidance document is a summarised version of national guidance, and is particularly useful for organisations involved in running community buildings, or organisations who utilise community buildings to deliver projects, services and activities.

A copy of the summarised guidance can be seen below.

Managing Community Buildings - RCC

The RCC (Rural Community Council) are continuing to provide remote support to people managing village halls and other community buildings across Leicestershire and Rutland

You can find a series of useful resources related to the re-opening and usage of community buildings on the RCC website.

This includes guidance from ACRE around opening village halls and community buildings.

LRALC and BHIB Councils - Guidance, Checklists and Risk Assessments

LRALC and BHIB are working together to provide risk assessment/management resources and training to all Parish and Town Councils in Leicestershire. Please contact LRALC in the first place with any queries and requests for support. LRALC is also providing comprehensive support to Parish and Town Councils on general operation during the current crisis. Please see the following documents from BHIB Councils Insurance, which can be used by any Council, including Parish and Town Councils.