Leicestershire Community Bus Partnerships

In 2014 the County Council made the decision to support the development and continuance of four Community Bus Partnerships within Leicestershire. Each Community Bus Partnership is unique and has responsibility for the monitoring of the bus service along with looking at opportunities to promote, adjust and improve the service in order to meet local needs. A key factor to the success of the partnerships will be to increase the number of people using the bus service and therefore the amount of subsidy required.

Each Community Bus Partnership is made up of community representatives, the County Council and the bus company. Community representatives can be any member of the community who is interested in playing an active role in making their bus route a success. Whether you are representing a group such as the Parish Council, local business or youth group or purely an interested resident, the Community Bus Partnerships would like to hear from you about any support you are able to offer. It is envisaged that the Community Bus Partnerships will take time to establish and identify areas for improvement to no immediate changes are foreseen.

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Community Rail Partnerships

The original idea for Community Bus Partnerships came from the successful Community Rail Partnerships model, whereby a small formalised group monitor and manage the rail service in partnership, wider community involvement is also encouraged with local people who are willing to assist with information, promotion and support in their local area.

Further information about Community Rail Partnerships can be found at http://acorp.uk.com/

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