Moving on from asset based thinking to asset based doing

When thinking about assets (knowledge, time, contacts, availability of a community venue, etc), it may be a good idea to consider what you have and how you can maximise it.

Asset based doing will require an understanding about what type audience you are going to be working with , what skills they have and what the existing relationship is between different communities so you are aware of the best way to work together and how collaboration can bring mutual and beneficial results.

You can see the videos that NESTA developed on how you can work with local authorities, helping to better understanding how asset based thinking can be framed, and listen at the impressions of people who participates and engages on asset based development and why they are doing it.

Ultimately asset based doing is about People helping people supported by services that the local authority may have available, but responding to communities needs and existing assets, empowering them to take action in a way that is relevant to them and which can help to achieve their desired outcomes.