Mobilising assets and making connections

There is not a ''one fits all'' model of asset based work and depending how assets are mobilised , it will take different approaches and paths. This will be depending on the nature of the assets, their availability and the personal circumstances of individuals involved in the work to deliver asset based solutions.

The social care institute of excellence believes that connecting individuals and assets can be achieved through building bridges between people and places, mobilising communities in their own terms.

Equally Leicestershire Communities Approach focuses on the work with Voluntary, Communities and Social Enterprises with the aim to collaborate in practical ways, for instance, facilitating sessions with partners, including Town and Parish Councils, which can help to connect and mobilise existing local assets.

At the same time, Ageing Better Middlesbrough published a short article, highlighting key messages that help to bring communities together, dealing with stumbling blocks and bring common solutions to common problems.

In the final section you can look at what entails moving from thinking about what you want, having considered all the previous steps to act on them. There are also some examples of how people have already done it. We hope you find these useful.