Mapping assets

This is the ability to know where those assets are being used, who is involved in what activities, what is their availability and how well are known in the community where we want to apply the asset-based thinking. Leicestershire Communities Approach identifies personal assets, including knowledge, skills, talents and aspirations of individuals as well as social assets and community assets as part of that kaleidoscope of assets that form any community. Understanding how these assets interact supports wider and more meaningful engagement, but also help to connect and appreciate what communities can do.

The Ashby Community Roadshow is a good example of how local networking helped the community and local groups to map and learn more about what it's happening in the area, and to strengthen relations; sometimes, simply sharing information and talking to each other, celebrating what is local.

How can you mobilise these assets that now you recognise and understand better how they link and fit with each other? The next section provides you with some options and examples of how it is working in some places