Developing Learning and Learning action sets

This is a good tool to help you create questions working models that can assist you on your pursuit of your project. You can watch a simple but clear explanation about what are learning action sets

The Asset-Based Community Development: Lessons From Across the World Webinar describes 8 touchstone which can be used to move from principles to practice using an Asset Based Development approach. The Webinar is presented by Cormac Russell Medical Director of Nurture Development who has worked in over 30 countries and has 20 years of experience of Community driven change Russell reflects on and uses lessons across the world.

How to Guides and Reports

Guides and Reports on specific themes which can be used for asset based approaches

Engaging and Empowering Communities

The guides cover community engagement planning and support models for engaging and empowering communities

Think Local Act Personal A briefing paper on Engaging and Empowering Communities setting out ten key features of asset based area including suggestions for planning and support models

The Principles of Community Engagement for Empowerment guide has been produced for staff working in Public Health Wales. The purpose of the guidance is to support reflective practice about community engagement activity and to encourage behaviours that lead to empowerment,

The Improvement and development agency report glass half-full: how an asset approach can improve community health and well-being report provides healthy community practitioners with a fresh perspective on building bridges with socially excluded people and marginalised groups. The second part of this publication offers practitioners and politicians, who want to apply the principles of community driven development as a means to challenge health inequalities

The document At the Heart of Health realising The value of people and Communities describes Person- and community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing

A aim of the Asset based approaches for health improvement: redressing the balance briefing paper is to present the current evidence and thinking on asset based approaches for health improvement, the background and rationale for these approaches, and the practical challenges of adopting these approaches in reality

The Signs of Safety article describes how you can use a safety-organised approach to child protection practice, for professionals and families, vulnerable and at risk children

General Resources and Tools Guide

Resources and Tools which you can use when developing an Asset based Approach

Locality Resources Services Tools and specialist advice for the community

The Asset-based approaches in a health and wellbeing context is a collection of resources on using Asset based approaches in health and care services

Monitoring and Evaluation Guides

Monitoring guides show how you can collect and analyse data and Evaluation guides show how you can assess to what extent a program or intervention has, or has not, met its objectives. The documents help to track and assess the results of the interventions

Children and Young People

Outcomes Star Is used to capture the voice, needs and of a child, and their perspective on the changes

Social Change projects

The Most Significant Change Guide relates to the learning that can be achieved from monitoring and evaluating social change programmes or projects

Six Innovations in Social Care A document relating to the approaches that can be used to find a innovative solutions to homecare

Social Care institute for Excellence - Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Model

Reporting Impact Guide

The guides show how you can report on the difference that is made to the people you are trying to help or to the service you are trying to improve

Easy Impact Reporting Guide - Impactasaurus A step by step guide on how you can report impact of your projects

Commissioning Guides

The Commissioning guide examples show how people and communities can come together with organisations, to become equal co-commissioners co-producers to make best complimentary use of all assets. There are also guides on how commissioners can draw upon the assets of people and communities to improve or modify an existing service

Commissioning Guide A guide on taking an asset approach idea to the commissioning stage and provide services

Think Local Act Personal A guide shows how you can take an asset-based approach to the commissioning stage

Enabling social action A guidance Resources for public sector commissioners to help deliver public services

The document How Asset-Based Areas Deliver Social Value describes how social value can be promoted through co-commissioning and redesigning universal services. Commissioners and people with lived experience look at people's lives as a whole and not on individual outcomes