Engagement Advisory Panel

We are very excited to announce that Leicestershire County Council's Adults and Communities department now have a new Engagement Advisory Panel.

The purpose of the panel is to support the department to increase the amount that they engage and work in partnership with people using adult social care services when writing strategies and designing services.

They will review engagement plans and will provide constructive criticism, suggestions and support. This will make the council more accountable in how we engage and work in partnerships with the people who use our services.

We have 7 members already and are still looking for someone who lives in Leicestershire and has personal experience of, mental health problems, transitions (this means moving from children's social care to adult social care), and someone who is on the autistic spectrum, so we can have a representative panel.

We would really like to hear from people who:
- believe that people who use services are the best people to design them
- have links or connections to other groups of people with autism or young people moving from children to adult social care

Want more information about the panel?

Want to tell us you are interested?

Please only fill in a from if you live in Leicestershire and have recent personal experience with mental health problems, transitions (this is moving from children's social care to adults social care) or are on the autistic spectrum. We already have representation from other areas of social care.

You can complete the from online following the link below