Castle Donington Parish Council

Castle Donington have worked with the backing of the community to create a new Community Hub for the village.

Castle Donington Parish Council wanted to deliver extra services and had a strong local desire and business case for creating a community hub to bring together a range of services, including the parish council, community library and volunteer centre. It was important to explain this to residents and for them to know about the 50 per cent increase in the precept that this required.

The idea for this project came about following a village appraisal engagement exercise a few years before. Castle Donington therefore ran an online survey to get an update on community priorities. This was promoted widely through leaflets, public meetings about the precept, Q&A sessions, and visits from councillors at principal and local level.

The results revealed broad support for the community hub, as a long-term, cost-effective base for service-providing organisations.

When a building became available close to the centre of the village for the hub, the council held a snap poll with support from North West Leicestershire, winning majority support for the purchase of the building as a community hub. North West Leicestershire also backed the plan. They advised Castle Donington on planning issues and match-funded a community fund grant from Roxhill Development towards the hub.

For more information email Fiona Palmer, Clerk,

Mon, 25 Feb 2019