Community Volunteering Action (COVA)

COVA currently runs in 4 street in Barwell with the aim of support local residents to bring forward their own ideas and suggestions for improving their community.

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) Communities Team, Local Area Coordinator (LAC), local Parish Council, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and the local Police (PCSO) are working with residents providing assistance such as coaching and logistic support, organising meetings, facilitating conversations amongst residents and coordination of next steps.

It is hoped that by working together across agencies, dedicating quality time to the community and providing clear co-ordinated advice the project will empower and support residents in their efforts to make their own decisions to mobilise existing skills to improve their local area.

Community Volunteering Action is a new way to maximise what communities and residents in particular are able to offer; their expertise, their time and their knowledge about their own community, using an asset based approach.

On a survey conducted in 2017 in the area, 90% responded they wanted to do something in their local community, showing a great interest in the area they live.

Partially, as a result of the survey and the engagement that followed with residents in the area, a small group of residents are now engaged in regular meetings to take forward plans to deliver a robust Neighbourhood Watch programme and link with other schemes that can offer relevant advice and support to local residents.

Finally, there are plans to organise a street party in the area. Some of the initial community members that started COVA and new ones expressed an interest in doing a street party for summer 2018 to celebrate togetherness

Mon, 25 Feb 2019