Reviewing Mental Health Web Pages

We tested out a new quick and easy way to gather peoples views on our mental health web pages.

What we wanted from the community

We wanted to get people's views on the mental health information and advice web pages, to see if it was clear, useful and easy to read.

What we did

We tested a piece of software called 'Stickyworld'.

Stickyworld works as an online forum (a virtual room) which means people can see and comment on slides showing the web pages, see what other people have said within the online forum and agree, disagree or ignore if they choose to.

Staff at the council are also able to reply to comments on the forum giving open feedback to people.

Some people took part anonymously, as a public visitor or registered with an email address and user name of their choice. People who registered could choose to share their comments only with council staff and have a private discussion about their views.

What changes were made

Some changes to wording and links were worked on very quickly and work is still in progress to look at other issues raised.

The plan is to re-open the forum next year to show the new web pages so everyone can see what changes have been made and why.

Tue, 18 Dec 2018
Information and Advice
Maureen Heneghan
Claire Cluer