Neighbourhood Planning - Youth Engagement

In June 2018, Barlestone Neighbourhood Plan group undertook a special engagement event at a local school in order to engage young people within the community and obtain their views and aspirations for their village.

Barlestone is a medium sized village located in the Borough of Hinckley & Bosworth, Leicestershire. The Neighbourhood Plan area was designated by the Borough Council in May 2017. In June 2018, the Barlestone Neighbourhood Plan group undertook a stakeholder event with Year 6 students at Barlestone Church of England Primary School as part of their Neighbourhood Planning stakeholder consultation process. Assisted by the Rural Community Council, the event was designed to gain insight into the thoughts and aspirations of the younger population of the village.

Students were informed about what a Neighbourhood Plan is and given the opportunity to then discuss what they liked and disliked about their community. They were also asked about what they would like the village to be like by 2036 and what they didn't want to see in 2036.

The results generally match the thoughts and aspirations received from the rest of the community, the only difference being that the young people wanted the village to expand and include more housing.

The process also identified some shorter term issues which the Parish Council plan to investigate further, outside of the neighbourhood planning process.

Full details of the event and its findings can be viewed here:-

Barlestone CofE Mini Stakeholder Report

Mon, 23 Jul 2018
Barlestone Neighbourhood Plan
Nik Green