A taste of Barlestone...


We are currently in the second phase of the work on producing the Neighbourhood Development Plan. The areas which the parishioners of Barlestone say are the most important to them are:-

  • Housing
  • Environment
  • Community Sustainability (facilities, transport, employment, etc)

Each area will now have a team to focus on it assisted by a professional NDP consultant. Its not too late to join if any of these areas interest you...

Two "drop in" sessions were held so that Barlestone Parish residents could have their say on what they value, what they'd like to see improved and anything else. Local land owners, businesses and community groups were then invited to a Stakeholder Event; this is was invitation only event and will also feed into the plan production.

An illuminating session has also been held with the year 6 pupils from Barlestone Primary School who gave their views on what they liked and disliked about the village and also what they would like Barlestone to be like in the year 2036.

We plan lots more community engagement so please comes and say "hello" if you see and give us your input. Its not too late...

Production of the Barlestone Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan is led by the Barlestone Parish Council supported by a small team of local volunteers who live, work or do business in the area.

The aim is to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan which identifies the most appropriate places for new homes and other developments to be situated - and what sort of developments these should be, based on community input. But it isn't just about development, it will also identify which green spaces and other areas are important to the people in the Parish of Barlestone and identify what improvements or additions to local facilities and services will be required in the future.

The success of the Neighbourhood Development Plan will rely on ongoing support from local residents, businesses, land owners and other organisations active within the Parish. Opportunities will be provided for ALL members of the community to engage in and inform the production of the plan.