National Cyber Security Centre Advice

Posted: Tue, 16 May 2017 09:20

This is advice for both home users (individual) and businesses of all sizes.

It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that users upgrade to Supported Operating Systems (Windows 7 and above)

For those on XP and Vista, Microsoft have taken the unusual step of issuing a patch free of charge – please ensure you install it!

Extreme caution is advised when considering opening attachments or clicking on embedded links in emails – now, and at all times. Please bear in mind that email addresses, attachments and links can all be spoofed so many not actually to be what they appear. Always #TakeFive, never assume email is genuine. Confirm verbally with sender before opening. You can hover the mouse over the sender's email address (or press and hold on mobile devices) to see where it really originates – similarly you can hover over links too to see if they are actually redirecting elsewhere.

Great advice here re email scams

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