Healthy Ageing and Mental Wellbeing in 2019

Posted: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 11:43

Health Matters – University of Leicester's community engagement project is supporting healthy ageing and mental wellbeing in 2019

Health Matters focuses on supporting local health needs by running a series of community-based health campaigns. Our new campaign launching in January focuses on healthy ageing and mental wellbeing, with a big focus on tackling social isolation and loneliness amongst the older members of Leicester's community, as well as the younger generations.

Social isolation and loneliness does not only affect older people for reasons such as reduced mobility, financial issues, or other physical barriers like living outside the city centre. It can also affect younger generations, such as young professionals and students, who moved away from family and friends to pursue their careers, or people living with a long-term illness or struggling with mental health problems, where stigma and discrimination often cause social isolation.

Our healthy ageing campaign therefore focuses on generating opportunities for anyone and everyone - young and old - to come together and learn something new and fun in a social environment. We tried to design an inclusive programme of events and activities that will be launching in January. More info can be found at or on our Facebook page @healthmattersevents. Please email for any queries or questions.

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