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Hire of Thermal Imaging Camera

Getting Lutterworth Growing requests £500 in order to hire the Rural Community Council’s thermal imaging camera. It is the intention to organise a community event in February / March 2012 in conjunction with Lutterworth Town Council in order to generate local interest in energy saving. The camera can be used to find leaky spots in buildings where insulation or draught roofing would make a difference.

This project would support the following Sustainable Community Strategy themes:

• Supporting individuals and families
• Protecting our environment
• Improving our communities

Energy saving measures are being encouraged nationally and local communities are being urged to reduce their carbon footprint. This project would greatly assist families in Lutterworth to do just that and it is hoped that this project would encourage more residents to think about how they can improve their lives in a green and sustainable manner.

Lutterworth residents would be invited to attend two events; one to establish interest and to ascertain where there is the largest need in the town for the thermal imaging project to take place and a further event to present the results.

Education is to be provided to the local community as to how they may conserve energy within their homes.

Thermal Imaging Camera £150
Room Hire £50
Event Advertising £165
Refreshments £15
Promotional Material £120
TOTAL ..................£500


The project would be run entirely by volunteers i.e. Getting Lutterworth Growing and Lutterworth Town Councillors.


What projects are eligible?

Community Forum Budget funding can be used to support a wide range of new and existing projects and activities – the key test is that supported projects and activities will need to show that they are appropriate, feasible and sustainable.

To be appropriate, projects and activities should:

  • Provide value for money.
  • Be led by an eligible group or organisation (see below).
  • Link to one or more of the six priorities of the Leicestershire Sustainable Community Strategy. These priorities are:
  1. Supporting individuals and families
  2. Delivering effective services
  3. Protecting our environment
  4. Improving our communities
  5. Enhancing children’s lives
  6. Developing our economy

To be feasible projects and activities should:

  • Be able to spend the funding applied for between January 2012 and 30 June 2012.
  • Fulfill all legal requirements and have obtained the consents necessary to deliver the project or activity. These requirements and consents may include planning permission, consent from landowner(s), statutory undertakers and the Highway Authority and regulations relating to health and safety, protection of vulnerable people, wildlife etc.

To be sustainable, projects and activities should:

  • Provide some lasting or longer term benefits for the community forum area.
  • Ongoing projects should be capable of continuing without reliance on further public funding.