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YOUR VOICE: View and Comment on all projects online for your local area!

View & comment below!

Please find below all Project Proposals submitted for your Community Forum area. Each of these projects have requested a share of the £15,000 allocated to your Community Forum area.

You can also view the comments posted on each proposal. The comments helped inform discussions at the Community Forum Budget Decision Night. Please note comments did not count towards the voting on the Community Forum Budget Decision Night.

For any of these projects to be offered funding, Leicestershire County Council has to consider them appropriate, feasible and sustainable.

Decision Night results now available! Please click on this link to find out what happened!

When offering comments on each of the Project Proposals please consider:

 Do you have any ideas that would further improve the proposal?
 Do you know of projects and activities that this proposal could link up with?
 Do you know of other people, groups or organisations that could help to make this proposal a reality?
 Is there a clear community need for the project?
 Are the costs of the project in proportion to the likely benefits (value for money)?
 Is it likely that the project will be completed by the end of March 2013?
 What are the long term benefits of the project to the community?
 Does the project rely on future public funding?

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